BDRN: Bipolar and Genetics

BDRN: Bipolar and Genetics

We just received the latest newsletter from BDRN (Bipolar Disorder Research Network) which reports findings from some of the recent research it undertook on Bipolar and Genetics.

Some of you may have been involved with the research in the UK where a member of the Cardiff University or University of Birmingham Research Team visited you in your home to interview you. Further to this they conducted followup questionnaires through the post.

Their findings have today been reported:

Our research group has recently been involved in a large study investigating genetic factors that may be involved in causing susceptibility to bipolar disorder. Research groups from America and other countries in Europe were also involved in the study. The study found further support for the findings of our precious studies that a gene involved in the calcium channels, CACNA1C, may play a role in susceptibility to bipolar disorder. The study also identified a new gene that may be associated with bipolar disorder called ODZ4, which is involved with how cells communicate with each other. The findings confirmed that many genes of small effect influence susceptibility to bipolar disorder and that we need to continue to see large numbers of individuals with bipolar disorder in order to continue to carry our these kinds of important studies.

If you would like to receive the BDRN newsletter or be involved with further research please contact Beth Flynn in the Mood Disorders Research Team at or visit BDRN Online

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