Bipolar Disorder Study

Bipolar Disorder Study

Cardiff University is undertaking Bipolar Disorder research in close collaboration with their colleagues at Birmingham University (led by Dr Lisa Jones). Members of their team are based in both centres.

Over 3000 people have already participated in our Bipolar Disorder Study and it is now the largest such study anywhere in the world. We are, however, still looking for more volunteers to help us with our research – every additional person who helps will bring the possibility of much-needed scientific advances nearer. If you suffer with bipolar disorder and would like to help by participating in our research, please contact them…

3000 research volunteers and counting….

This autumn we will be recruiting the three thousandth volunteer into our bipolar study. This is a major milestone and will represent a great achievement by both the volunteers and the research team. We will be having a press announcement to mark this milestone so you may see (or, perhaps when you read this, have seen) something in the media about this.

Although this is already a remarkable achievement we are only half way there! Our aim is to see a total of at least 6000 volunteers.
We need such big numbers because everyone’s personal experience of illness is different. It is important to get the best possible understanding of how illness affects the
broadest cross-section of those experiencing bipolar disorder. Thus, the success of our research depends crucially on the willing help of the people who have experience of illness. We have included a leaflet with this newsletter and if you have a friend or know someone with bipolar disorder who may be willing to participate in our study we would be extremely grateful if you could pass on this leaflet to them.

If you attend a support group for bipolar disorder and would be willing to take some extra leaflets to one of your meetings please contact us and we would be delighted to send you a batch of leaflets in the post.

Mood Disorders Research Team Contact Details

Phone: 02920 744392


Mood Disorders Research Team
Department of Psychological Medicine, Cardiff University
4th Floor Main Building, UHW, Heath Park, Heath
CF14 4XN

Additional information:

Please ask for Kate Brooks or Liz Forty

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