Bipolar: Pregnancy & Childbirth

Bipolar: Pregnancy & Childbirth

Women with bipolar disorder face very difficult decisions about pregnancy. On one hand many drugs used to keep the mood stable are known to harm the baby if taken in pregnancy. On the other hand, we know that women with bipolar disorder are at a particularly high risk of a severe episode after childbirth.

BDRN (Bipolar Disorder Research Network) are conducting a study looking at pregnancy and childbirth in women with bipolar disorder. In this study they hope to find out more about the factors that make these women more or less likely to suffer further episodes of illness in relation to childbirth.

If you have had a previous episode of postpartum psychosis or bipolar disorder and are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, they would like to hear from you. The study will involve an interview in your own home, giving a small blood sample, completing some questionnaires during pregnancy, and a telephone interview 3 months after childbirth, asking about any symptoms you have experienced in relationship to pregnancy and childbirth.

They hope that this study will lead to better prediction and treatments for these episodes and they are very grateful to those that have already taken part in the study.

If you would like further information or to take part please email or telephone 02920 744392 and mention when you call or write.

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