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    I’ve started dating a guy who is actually pretty great -so great to the point where we have discussed marriage. Although we’ve had our disagreements, our similarities and care for one another always brings us to a resolution and happy ending. This afternoon he told me that he was bipolar. He’s a personable jolly giant lol. He’s the happy, romantic of the relationship. The only time I have seen him any differently was when we get in arguments and he yells and becomes kind of aggressive (not physical), refusing to listen and often taking the “my way or no way” mentality, often threatening to end “us”. But then the next day, he’ll be extremely apologetic. So I could see how he might be bipolar. Not knowing that much about it besides what I’ve seen and heard on TV, I started asking him questions about it. He became frustrated and pretty much shut down after awhile. I figured it’d be best to maybe seek advice from others about the disorder and how to deal/manage in loved ones.

    Any advice? Suggestions? Anything?

    Thanks –


    Thanks for dropping by. Holding down a relationship with someone suffering from Bipolar Disorder can be very challenging, yet equally rewarding. You should find out which bipolar diagnosis your boyfriend has received, whether he is on any prescription medicaton and how long ago he was diagnosed. This information would allow us to help you more on what to expect and how to help both him and yourself.


    How are you getting on with your relationship @lalanah have you made any decisions yet? I know relationships can be very difficult to maintain with bipolar being a contributing factor.

    Let us know!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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