Tenant Upstairs Breaks In

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    I am currently suffering for Bipolar Type 1. I am fairly stable and very lucky I have a job that tolerates me. My grandfather passed away recently and I haven’t been taking it well; so I ended up spending 2 nights at my boyfriends. I live in a private basement suite and there are a few woman who share the upstairs. The landlord repeatedly entered my suite without notice or consent over the period of a year. Landlord recently advised a tenant living upstairs to break into my suite to check on my cat who was crying. I had contacted the landlord prior to her entering and said that I would check it out, which I did and there was nothing wrong with my cat. My cat was just upset because I had been spending a few nights away from home which I rarely do. I was not informed of any one entering my suite illegally and I had no idea. Upon arriving home I had found my door completely taken off its hinges and no one even bolted it back on. I confronted the lady and she got mad at me and was very defensive. I was calm, all I wanted was my privacy and an apology and to not have it happen again. She got very aggressive and loud and I lost it, I feel violated and I feel like I did something wrong when I know I did not. We argued and she verbally beat me into the ground. Now I am getting evicted because the landlord is taking her side. Things were just going so well. Im in the right and filed a complaint but that does nothing for how im feeling now. Im scared, stressed and extremely paranoid from the whole situation.


    No way, that is terrible. I can just imagine how upset and betrayed you must feel. I really don’t think you should be holding out to stay in such a bad place, have you started to look round? Can you stay with your boyfriend as a temporary arrangement? Im sure he is fully aware of the situation and how it makes you feel.

    Are you on medication for your Bipolar? I think under any circumstances anyone would have lost it. I know I would have, how dare they break in! I think you should have made it a police matter.

    Please keep taking your medication if you have some and if you don’t see a doctor and explain what is happening in your life!

    You need some sort of stability. What about family? Do you have anyone other than your boyfriend that can support you?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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