• Jennifer Ross posted an update 7 years ago

    After 8 bad depressing days yesterday was ok. Went to see therapist and talked a lot about feelings. Talked about I don’t feel like anyone cares for me. How my husband treats me or my daughter. Then it made me start thinking how I show my husband how I care for him. I see somethings but not a bunch. They want me to talk to them but when I do they are very harsh with answers but not understanding or caring.
    So how do you or your family show that you care for each other?

    • Every time I told my Mother what I was going through she would ut me in the hospital for 3 days which never did any good so finally I stopped telling her my problems and the things that were happening to me and just dealt with it by myself, I heard voices , thought people could read my mind it was hell this went on for years then one day my head cleared just as quick as it came it left I could think, remember things but I still have Night Mare of the trauma it cause, there is NO ONE that will understand !!!! Doctors give there opinion or Medication but the problem is still there. You are enduring the worst pain and it take so long to get where you can cope with it. don’t give up!!! try different things with your family I had to Tolerate things I normally never would have but I keep my mouth shut and just went through the paces and steps of bi-polar and there are a lot good luck and love,Greg