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Use our Learning Portal to help understand your personal condition, it’s symptoms, triggers, treatment and medication.

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Support is mutual. Share your own experiences, advice and management techniques with people in similar situations.

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Why do I feel this way?

We aim to provide people with information and tools for self-care to accompany professional help; giving the opportunity to take a greater responsibility of their condition long term and to move forward with renewed confidence.

Confused. Disjointed. Lost.

The misrepresentation of bipolar disorder and other psychiatric conditions in the media can lead to fear and stigma that make it difficult for people to understand what it is like to live with bipolar disorder.

This misrepresentation can also affect the quality of care that people with bipolar disorder receive. More than 5 in 6 adults feel that stigma is a major barrier to treatment for mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder.

Hardly Existing

Do you feel that you have lost the real you, just a shell of your old self. Don’t worry, you are not alone!

Stonger Together

If you feel lost and alone in your condition, you have found the right place to learn, share and grow.

Start Building

The road to a better, more fulfilled life when suffering from a mental condition such as bipolar disorder always starts with first steps. By visiting our website you have already taken those steps. Let us help you manage the symptoms you have to deal with, by providing the tools and information to move forwards in life with knowledge and confidence.

If you are a supporter of a sufferer; find solace in knowing that you too, are not alone. Many people come in to contact with bipolar disorder, you don’t need to be the patient to be adversely affected. Be part of our Community and make a difference by sharing your experiences from a viewport outside of the illness. You may even be a physician or health care professional. We welcome everyone touched by this chronic condition.

The fist goal you need to set is to gather support. If you have not already, see your GP or Healthcare Practitioner. They are best positioned to give you up to date information and advice as well as being able to assess your needs and begin the process of a formal diagnosis.

Should you need urgent help or care, they have the local contacts to be able to assist you in a crisis. Referring you to you community mental health team (CMHT) or a psychiatrist will afford you the support you need.

Learn about your condition. Bipolar disorder takes on many forms with differing severities and frequencies of symptoms. Visit our learning portal to explore how your personal affliction is best categorised and managed.

If you are already on a path to managing your condition. You are in the right place to offer experience and support to others that are yet to life out the trials and tribulations associated with bipolar disorder. We are sure that you will have tried and failed numerous times to overcome this illness. It is with trial that you will have found solutions. Now is a time to share.

We would like to encourage you as a sufferer, new or old to share your experiences with this Community. Let us all know the pitfalls, successes, hints and tips that have lead you to be here today. As a supporter of a sufferer, you may have arrived here to find company and solace for yourself from other individuals in a similar caring role. However you stumbled across us, welcome; we hope you find a sense of belonging to something bigger than just you.

Tell Someone – Create a support network of your friends, relatives and professionals to help you identify your symptoms, trigger points & to help develop management strategies.

Tell someone – Create a support network of friends, relatives and professionals to help you identify your symptoms, trigger points & management strategies.

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